Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Stand with President Obama to pass the Buffett Rule!Stand with President Obama to pass the Buffett Rule


Setting standards to limit carbon pollution is critical to protecting Americans’ health, spurring investment in clean energy and unleashing American innovation.
Protect Your Health From Dangerous Industrial Carbon Pollution


Blanca Medina was raped four times before she fled to the U.S. None of her rapists have been arrested, but ICE wants to send her back anyway — away from her 4-year-old daughter Alejandra. Tell ICE to let Blanca stay with her daughter.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

“How important it is to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes.” -- Maya Angelou

I haven't posted in awhile.... I guess it's because I was lazy, and I decided that just because my teacher didn't tell us to post, that meant we didn't have to share our feelings... Now that I have a huge amount of free time without school or homework, I've been checking my e-mail. I had signed up for and PFAW-- People for the American Way. Both organizations have e-mailed me with regards to petitions and news going on around the WORLD. Both programs try to get Americans to take action against unjust events/situations. One such e-mail that I got from PFAW was from June 5, and it talked about the Paycheck Fairness Act that was being voted on that day by the Senate to get passed through to become a law. It would have become a law, because the president was 100% for the law. The bill had to do with wage discrimination based on gender. It pisses me off to a level I can't even comprehend myself that in 2000 frickin' 12, women are still not paid as much as men are. Unfortunately, I got the e-mail 7 days later than I should have, and I wasn't able to call my senator to tell him to vote YES on this bill. My senator, unfortunately, is a republican. I'm already frustrated with the stupidity of some people, but then I read an article that tells me that ALL FREAKING REPUBLICANS VOTED NO ON THIS BILL!!! Excuse my french..... but what the fuck??? It said that each Republican had his or HER own reason for voting. What a self-loathing female to not want wage equality in the workforce? I don't give a shit what political party you belong to. Fair is fair, justice is justice, and what's right is right no matter what ethnic group, gender, sex (yes, different than gender), race, political party, community, state, planet, or whatever the hell other group you belong to. I'm Jewish.... most Jews hate Muslims, and unfortunately, I'm in a family of people like that, yet I would NEVER vote YES to a something that would annihilate all Muslims just because of a group of extremists. That, my friend, is one situation in which I would vote differently than the other people in a group I belong in. But, this case is weird.... The females that are Republican voted with one group, and against another.... They voted with the smaller group... What idiots. It makes me embarrassed to be part of the female race with them. They don't deserve the God-given gifts they have due to their sex. Females are beautiful in unlimited ways.... we are caring, compassionate, loving, powerful, independent, miraculous, hard-working, tough, dedicated, determined, passionate, and sexy creatures that were put on this planet to take care of it, and procreate. Birthing is the most amazing, unbelievable process I can ever imagine.... and I've never gone through or seen it. So why on EARTH, would these Republicans screw with those adjectives I just stated, and turn themselves into self-loathing, stupid, inconsiderate, ridiculous, detestable, incomprehensible, and annoying beings? They let themselves act under the influence of a bunch of obnoxious men. That's GROSS. I'm just very pissed off that the bill wasn't passed. Black people can vote, women can go to school, gay people can serve in the army openly, and yet this little bill.... just ensuring equality between two genders wasn't important enough for less than 10 more people to vote yes....? It angers me to no end, BUT I PROMISE that I'm not giving up. I care about my gender... I'm not going to give up the fight for equality in the workforce.... It just isn't fair, and our country needs to realize that. Any reason to think it's OK to vote no on that, is complete bullshit. I know that this bill will be going through the senate again, and I hope that you will join me in calling your senator at  1-888-876-9527 to tell them to vote YES YES YES YES on this bill and have it passed. I know that I plan on calling. And I'm only a few days away from being a mere 16 years old.... If I can do it, if I can see the problems in what's happening, then so can you! You may take anything I said in this post, and use it alongside your fight for equality. I hope you understand what I'm saying.... I'd love some responses..... So, take this, absorb it, and realize that I'm fighting for justice, and not injustice... I'm on the correct side of this fight; join me :) 

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Change is Good Son... Not When It's Not Enough For Bus Fare

         Every year my family goes to the Indianapolis 500. It’s something I’ve come to love doing. However, since my mom doesn’t want to go every year like she used to, my sister and I have traded off years bringing a friend of ours. Last year, she brought her friend. It’s my turn this year. We have four tickets, one for my father, one for me, one for my sister, and one for the friend. It would make sense for my father, my sister, me, and my friend to go this year. That’s how it has always been. Why change it now?
         Well, my sister is now telling me that instead of our dad coming with, it will be me and my friend, and her and her friend. And on top of that, she wants to go there for the whole weekend instead of just the race. The whole idea of her plans makes my skin crawl... makes me want to punch a wall. The way we have it is perfect. Why does she want to change it?
          My mother always told me I was scared of change, and I never really believed her... until now. It all makes sense. I have metathesiophobia. I’m scared of change; I don’t like it, and I see no point. Why change what works? Why does my sister insist on this different plan?
          I suppose change is good, but I don’t want it. Period. So why do I need it? What I have works, and I don’t want to change something that works. Thinking about this is interesting, however, because how does life work without changes?
          I guess it doesn’t... I’m in for a life of hardships, and all I can hope for is that someone will help me out, and support me with making changes. No one can go through life alone... Especially in situations which are hard for some people. I really hope that this year, I go to the Indy with my friend, sister, and dad; and that doesn’t change. However, I’m scared it will. I guess I can just hope that someone understands me, even though I know it’s hard to understand phobias that one doesn’t have. For instance, metrophobia... I can’t understand how someone could be scared of poetry, but it’s a real phobia that people in this world have. But back to metathesiophobia. I hope my sister takes off her selfish brain, and realizes what she’s doing to me... I’ve been numb all day, and yesterday... It’s making me lose emotion, and I’m scared... Fear sucks. Period.